Extensive classic car repair, servicing & recommissioning

If you own a classic car, contact D.R. Automotive in Newtownards. We provide complete repair services for all types of classic cars.

Classic vehicle repairs

Does your classic car need repairs? At D.R. Automotive we are passionate about classic cars from the 1960s to modern classics of the late 1980s and early 1990s. With this in mind we are able to offer repair and maintenance of classic cars.

We can also arrange resprays and paintwork repairs through a number of reliable local bodyshops, with whom we have excellent working relationships going back several years.

Classic Car Recommissioning

When a classic car has not been used in some time it may need recommissioning to make it roadworthy. Even when in a good environment, and in near perfect condition before storage, classic cars can deteriorate.

Apart from obvious threat of decay to fittings, safety can be compromised by the effects of condensation on tyres and electrics. We are experts in taking a car from long-term storage and preparing it safely for the road, or for resale.

Click on a picture below to view some classics that have been entrusted to D.R Automotive.

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D.R. Automotive provides complete classic car repairs in Newtownards. To book our services, call us on

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