Vehicle servicing and MOT
preparation in Newtownards

A full range of automotive repairs and accessories

We can carry out anything from replacing a simple bulb, through to a routine service or on to major mechanical overhauls of engines and gearboxes, suspension and braking systems in our comprehensively equipped workshop. At D.R. Automotive we pride ourselves on being equipped to repair the most challenging faults on modern vehicle electronic systems.

Our state of the art diagnostic systems allow us to offer dealer level services for SEAT, Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi along with most other makes and models of vehicles on the road today, which means lower repair costs for you.


MOT and PSV preparation
If your vehicle is due for an MOT or PSV test, contact us. At D.R Automotive, we provide full MOT and PSV preparation services for your vehicle. All our mechanics are fully qualified and highly experienced in all aspects of what is required for MOT and PSV testing, maximising the chance that your vehicle will pass first time.

We can inspect your vehicle and inform you if any repairs are necessary for the test. We take the hassle out of the test for you and if needed, we can arrange the test and also bring the vehicle to the local test centre for you.

Servicing that won’t affect your manufacturer warranty
In October 2003 European legislation affecting the motor trade came into force. Its full title is Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002 (BER for short). The legislation now changes the way cars may be serviced, it gives the motorist a lot more freedom in deciding who should look after their vehicle. We can now offer you that freedom by:
Servicing your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule
Fitting original parts or parts of matching quality
Offering high standards of workmanship with significant savings compared to a franchised dealer
Retaining a full service history of your vehicle for resale
Preserving your manufacturer’s warranty
In short, any work carried out by D.R. Automotive will not invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty and will provide you with significant savings compared to the cost at the main dealer.
Fault diagnostics and repairs
We run a diagnostic service using the latest equipment to read vehicle fault codes and interrogate the onboard systems. We also have test units to test for leaking head gaskets, air conditioning system leaks, brake fluid condition and antifreeze protection levels. Most importantly, we have experienced qualified technicians as there is no substitute for experience.

Although we do charge an investigation fee for any complicated faults, we do take your consent for any work beyond that before proceeding with repairs. This is often a stressful time for you and we aim to make it as painless as we can. We will explain the repair and options with you. We have saved customers where other garages have wanted more money than the repair work really needs.

Timing Belts & Water Pumps
The timing belt is a vital part of an internal combustion engine that controls the timing of the engine’s valves. Potential damage to your bank balance and your engine can be enormous if your timing belt breaks. A broken timing belt can effectively write off your engine. So ignoring this part of your vehicles maintenance schedule should never be overlooked.

There’s no set rule for when to replace your timing belt. It depends on the make and model of your car, as well as how much you drive the car. It’ll usually need to be replaced more than once over the course of a vehicle’s lifetime.

Manufacturers will usually recommend to replace your timing belt after a set number of years or miles. This could be anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 miles or every 4+ years.

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